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THE iOS 14 UPDATE - Our Perspective


The iOS 14 update is active and an important part of your digital marketing. In short, the iOS 14 update will serve as an extra protection to prevent data from being shared, but companies need to know that there are a few steps to ensure your marketing is compliant. The main part of the iOS update for tracking purposes is that websites need to be verified on digital platforms. Facebook has been the major player in this process and, believe me, it can be a process even though there are step by step steps to take to walk you through the update. In short, you need to include a tracker on the website that is then verified. The problem, however, is that when they launched the new step to go through, it wasn’t connecting to the website domain. In going through the steps for our clients we have been frustrated by following the process only to have the site not get verified and advertising then not perform. We have even had clients that we work with call us asking why it didn't work. Turns out that Facebook had a glitch in the system that was rectified after a few days and now the process seems to be fluid. The good news is that we are not seeing a drop in performance and advertising is running as it should with similar metrics compared over time - same points last year, as well as in months prior.

Side note - fortunately for us, we work with enough clients in Facebook where we have a designated representative to help navigate these little issues so when it didn’t work properly, we were able to clean it up and report it quickly. I guess it’s ok to stop and ask for directions every once in a while...on the very rare occasion.


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