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The Influence of Influencers

What Social Media Influencers Do and How They Have Such a Huge Impact on the Target Market.

As most of you know, we live in a world run by social media. It is used for taking a small look into people's lives, voicing certain opinions, and as a source of news and marketing.

Marketing has become a huge part of social media. One way of marketing on these platforms is by collaborating with a social media influencer. What is a social media influencer? Well, a social media influencer is someone who utilizes a variation of social media platforms to express their opinions about certain products, brands, and companies.

We have the desire to look towards our neighbors, friends, and social media influencers to know what they are doing and compare. I have definitely fallen guilty of ordering a few (too many according to my bank account) items from social media because I have seen my favorite tik toker, Abbie Herbert to be specific, using the items. It is just the effect of being human. While these celebrities tend to keep a low profile, social media influencers make their living by exposing every aspect of their personal lives. This exposure of private life alone causes a significant number of individuals to trust social media influencers as if they are close friends.

These influencers succeed at making others want to buy the products they have because of many reasons. One could be because of their lifestyle. One of our New Orleans locals and NFL star Drew Brees is considered a social media influencer. His lifestyle is unique and desired among many. He often collaborates with his favorite brands and posts based on his opinion about the product or service. And in a reaction to this, his die-hard fans will then buy the product or service and formulate their own opinion about it.

What makes a social media influencer actually an influencer?


Absolutely no one:

Not a single soul on this Earth:

Not even their mom:

iNfLuEnCeR: “A lot of you have asked about my skin care routine...”

Yes, yes I know it is very funny, but also very true. Influencers have to make it seem like they are unique, that they are doing something so different or using a specific product that makes them stand out. Let's just think about what marketing is… these influencers, who are normal people, are marketing themselves to the world and become famous off of simply talking on social media about your skin care routine. With just a quick little tutorial you too can be like your favorite influencer. But that is not all. For these users to be successful and actually considered a social media influencer, they have to have some type of following on social platforms.

Types of Social Media Influencers

  1. First we have Nano- influencers, and those are social media users that have about 10,000 followers or less. This is often local to certain cities or social media users working with local small businesses.

  2. Then we have Micro- influencers, which have about 10,000 to 100,000 followers. An example of a Micro- influencer is another New Orleans local, Karen Phan. Karen Phan runs her social media accounts by featuring New Orleans restaurants and bars. Her handle on social media is “aintthatphancy”. Catchy right? Well, that was exactly what she was trying to do. She is branding herself as an influencer with a title that is recognizable.

  3. Then there are Macro- influencers which have about 100,000 to 1 million followers. Macro- influencers have built their following from the ground up and create content consistently. Some would even say they are constantly being followed.. wink wink.

  4. There is still one more type of influencer and that is Mega- influencers. These are influencers that have 1 million plus followers. Louisiana native Addison Rae is considered a mega- influencer which is no surprise considering her 82.8 million followers on tik tok alone. Because of this she has the opportunity to work with just about any brand she desires. And it has opened up a window of endless opportunities. This also puts her in the perfect position to be of great use in the marketing world. When someone sees Addison Rae likes or uses a certain product or service it entices them to do so. Because who wouldn't want to hang out with the Kardashians or take extravagant trips? I know for sure my wannabe self would!

Businesses should be using social media influencers!

Now, I hope you understand a little better why these influencers contribute so much to marketing. They portray their lifestyles on social media and make it look so desirable. Social media influencers can be of great use to a business.

Social media influencer marketing is rapidly becoming a top method of marketing and there are no signs that this will end any time soon. Having these people give honest feedback makes your consumers intrigued. This type of marketing adds realness. By having someone who is highly influential promoting your product or service you are able to reach a larger audience and see more effective conversions.


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