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Moving Freight Forward>>>

Deynoodt Marketing recently completed and launched a new website for The Kearney Companies - a New Orleans-based Third Party Logistics provider that has offices and warehouse space in New Orleans along the Industrial Canal and Warehouse Facilities in Savannah, Georgia.

We appreciated the opportunity to learn more about this business along the way and were stunned about their capabilities to deliver products to the world. With the new site, we wanted to visually establish the scope of their business, who they are and what they do, as well as be able to provide examples of how they do what they do - which is truly fascinating.

As we learned more about their business, we were impressed with the creativity that they employ to deliver products and work with clients. The first of two examples that come to mind are the way that they take rice from a barge, offload the rice - and we're talking 2200 tons of rice - to a warehouse facility that Kearney Companies converted to a food-grade storage facility, then further used their innovation to create a telescoping conveyor system and bagging operation to bad and load the rice for distribution, in this case, to the Middle East. Kearney's team figured out a way to offload the barge and get it back into production in about 12 hours vs. most facilities that keep the rice on the barge during the offloading process that could take a week and can also be hampered by weather.

The second example included the removal of corn meal from cargo trains into a facility that Kearney Companies designed to remove this fine material from the train into containers for overseas shipping to fish farms in South America. The system that was designed removes the product in a way that captures the dust particles before they escape and puts it back into the flow. The product is loaded into a container that has what is essentially a large ziplock bag, then sent on its way.

The Kearney Companies has a very unique story to tell and we thoroughly enjoyed building their website and helping tell their story with a video of their rice distribution system - this included drone footage combined with traditional footage, and an interview with David Kearney, the company president. Check out their website and how they do what they do as well as the case study on Bulk Rice Transloading - yes, we even learned a new word.

View the video on their YouTube page, or directly on their website, by clicking the image above, or the links below.


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