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Marketing Blogging - Are You Telling Your Story?

Blogging should be a part of your marketing arsenal and happen with consistency and repetition.

Why Do We Blog?

With most of the world’s population connected through the Internet, it is no shock that businesses include blogging in their marketing strategy. It is a great strategy because it drives customers to your website seeking content, and creates interest in products or services that you may be selling. Blogs can also be a fun way for customers to connect with the business, and get a sense of what the company is all about.

Companies should enjoy blogging about products and services that they offer and go into details about how you can help your clients. In fact, companies with active blogs get indexed by search engines 434% more than companies without an active blog. Blog posts continue to drive up traffic and generate impressions for up to 700 days after the blog goes live.

Benefits of Blogging

Drives Traffic to Your Site:

Blogging increases the number of pages your website has therefore expanding your online presence, and making it easier for customers to find you. What’s more, search engines look for websites that have a lot of content on a single topic when responding to search queries. They want to provide responses that show that you are the answer to the search.

Increases Conversion Rate:

Blogging for businesses is not as effective as advertising, but blogs gain strength over time, and after about 6-12 months you will see a positive ROI. One of the best ways to improve your ROI is through internal linking, which is including a link to another page within your website. This makes visitors stay engaged with your website, and increases the chances of them converting to business. In addition, external linking also helps to support your information and as you continue to go down the blogging rabbit hole, you will hope that external sites then come back to you. Showing you as the expert on topics.

Improves Social Media Efforts:

Blogging can help you become discovered through social media, and for every article you create, you are also creating content that can be shared on various social media platforms.

Overall, blogging is a great way to attract customers to your website, and increase sales. It is important to keep your customers engaged, and this is a great way to do this! Keep in mind that blogging is a marathon and not a sprint and helps your overall search results over time. Eventually, as your blog grows over time, you will be found by search engines without having to pay for it and if you are buying Google Ads, you can eventually adjust your budget to reflect the natural conversions. Consistency is the key and so is content. Make it engaging and use a voice that speaks to your audience. Furthermore, try to be helpful and provide how-to’s without charging. That good-faith effort will reward you over time as people seek answers to their problems that you can provide.

We hope y’all enjoy reading our weekly blogs, where we cover topics related to marketing and content creation.


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