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What DOes a Revised Linkedin Profile do?

Learn 6 tips to get your company profile to the next level.

Everyone knows that having an updated LinkedIn page is essential when promoting a company. But how do you take your LinkedIn page to the next level- that is, from just plain good to fantastic? These seven tips provide simple ways to improve your profile in order to attract more customers and get the most out of LinkedIn.

1. Company Overview

This section makes it easy for users to find your company when they search on LinkedIn. You should add SEO (search engine optimization) terms, such as “Marketing Solutions,” into your description in order to steer your target audience toward easy access of your page. These SEO terms should also be added to your Skills & Endorsements section in order to be sure that the user can see your many abilities!

2. Logo and Banner

Logos and banner images are a great way to make your page look exciting! Make your images even more effective by using them to highlight accomplishments, product features, or upcoming events.

3. Careers Page

LinkedIn recommends that you use an array of relevant media, such as video and text, on your Careers page in order to emphasize your employer brand. This is also a great place to provide direct links to recruiters for any new job openings.

4. Groups

Groups help you let users know what your company is interested and involved in. There is a Featured Groups section available on the Company page that you can use to showcase any Groups that your company might manage or have a connection to. More interests and groups available on your page provide a greater chance that users will be interested in at least one (if not more!) of your groups.

5. Company Updates

This one is important. In order to keep your page relevant, make sure to provide updates often! More activity on your page increases views, likes, and shares. You’ve worked so hard to make your LinkedIn page excellent- don’t let it be forgotten!

6. Page Analytics

Now that your page is updated, make sure these updates are effective for your company! You can use page analytics to check in on the engagement of posts, identify trends, and learn about the demographics of your followers. To do so, all you need to do is go to your company page and click the analytics tab. But be careful- you must be a Company Page administrator in order to access the analytics.

These six tips should help you begin working that LinkedIn page so it can be a valuable asset for your company. Of course, if you ever need help or have any questions about the best way to reach customers, Deynoodt Marketing is here for you!


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