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2020 Highlights

As we consider 2020 and everything that occurred, we’d like to spend a bit of time reflecting on some of the good that came out of the year. As an agency, we were fortunate to continue progress with existing clients, as well as forge relationships with new ones. Below are just a few of the Deynoodt Marketing website highlights from 2020. Considering the challenges that the world and our region faced with an explosion of COVID post-Mardi Gras 2020, we could not be more thankful to our clients and accomplishments. To that end, we wanted to share a few websites and social media platforms designed and managed by Deynoodt Marketing.

We appreciate the opportunity to help these companies grow and learn about the industries that we were less familiar with, as well as understand what makes them tick and how they generate business.

The following websites were designed specifically for each client. With each site, we take clients through a creative brief process so we can capture the true values of each business, who they are, and what they do for their clients. This allows us to keep the creative on point when communicating their messaging. #MethodBehindTheMadness


Friend of the firm, Kearney Companies is a fascinating local logistics company that works with ports, railroads and trucking companies to deliver products received around the globe. Kearney approved us because their website was outdated and a good portion of the site included Flash technology that many could no longer view because the technology was outdated. Deynoodt Marketing updated the look and functionality of the site to ensure that they were showcasing their services while elevating their existing brand. Included in the design were powerful visuals that Kearney had on hand that we were able to utilize to help share their story with the world. We also integrated a blog so that the company could share successes with their partners and about the company achievements. We also produced a video on how they bring rice to the world, and updated the design of their logo to evolve with the times. This is a company that truly defines ingenuity and creativity in what they do on a day to day basis and we were proud to learn and help shape their story, to view it click here.


Gulf South Foot & Ankle is a Louisiana podiatry clinic located in New Orleans and Covington that has a growing and expanding practice that is committed to getting clients seen quickly and efficiently with an emphasis on care and communication. GSFA has been a client for years and Deynoodt has been working with them on their overall marketing, which includes ongoing communications, digital advertising on Google and FaceBook, blog posts, newsletter and overall website and marketing support. As their site was aging and several of the Plug-Ins needed to be refreshed, our goal was to update the aesthetic and elevate the design and functionality. The client wanted to make sure that patients had a way to effectively contact them so appointments could be easily booked at one of their facilities, so that was a main focus with the redesign. To view their website, click here.


Pipes Miles Beckman is a local New Orleans law firm that started in 2020 with several lawyers that formed the firm with an idea in mind that they didn’t have to conform to the way traditional law firms operate and wanted a website that would differentiate themselves from the competition and express what makes them different. We discussed creative with them and came up with this edgy aesthetic that helped bring their message forward and share their commitment to results-oriented law no matter what type of challenge the client faced.

We completely defined their overall look, brand, and logo in the process, as well as started to help them market and build responsive marketing systems when working on the generation of new business. To view their website, click here.


Desiree is a local New Orleans lawyer, former judge, and mayoral candidate in New Orleans who we have worked with before, and was ready to take her marketing to the next level. She came to us after her contract with a large national marketing entity for law firms expired and wanted better results. Deynoodt Marketing built a website for her to display her extensive knowledge and experience in a specific area for property damage resulting in recent storms, and also redesigned her main site to attract clients that need her legal services and experience. The design made it a point to give potential clients a way to contact her through her website and to highlight past client experiences. To view her website, click here.


Lux Cafe is a new restaurant in the Exchange Building located in the New Orleans Central Business District. They wanted a simple, one page website to showcase their menu and give customers a way to quickly place an order. We built them a website that fit with their brand and would give them the capabilities they needed for online ordering. They opened the restaurant at the end of the year prior to the expected date and had the need for a website to showcase their menu that they could promote through online initiatives. We were happy to accommodate our new neighbor and their excellent new cuisine. Try the chicken burger! To view Lux Cafe Nola, click here.

We have more stories to tell, so keep posted and we will be back. If you need good marketing design paired with strategy to drive business, let us know and we’ll be happy to work with you.

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