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Deynoodt Marketing works with dentists, doctors, and other related physician practices and professional services.  To that end, we probably have something to help get your practice moving.  We've found that in the dental industry that an effective tool for driving patients and visibility can be achieved with a good digital presences.  Depending how big your aspirations are, we can adjust and grow as you grow, or if you're looking to take the next step towards your growth we've got you covered.  From Google ads to TV campaigns to website building and helping your social media.  Just let us know what we can do to help your business.
To help our clients and the industry, we've put together a COVID-19 guide book to help get your dental practice in order.  Check it out and be sure to download a copy.

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Campaigns for the Dental Industry Include the following:

Dental - Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants / Dentures

For these types of campaigns we have seen success where we incorporate a minimum budget that brings in 10-22 new patients per month, which typically covers and provides a health ROI for clients.  

Dental - General Dentistry

Generally, with an introduction type of campaign that includes a New Patient Special we generate about 13-22 new patients.  This is definitely the long-game for patients, as the practice will typically keep the majority of the patients for years if they are providing good service and communicating about future appointments and bookings, then the ROI becomes magnified and lifetime clients are born.

Dental - Orthodontist / Invisalign

With Ortho and Invisilign clients, we typically drive about 10-18 new lead patients per month, which can result in huge ROI for the practice.  This is where conversion becomes essential and the practices need to work on the management of the new patients and develop efficient practices for managing the growth.
We also find that having great booking personnel is essential.  Ensuring that new patients that call are greeted properly when they call and treated efficiently in terms of getting them seen by a dentist in the practice is key.  Always ensure that you are keeping appointments fo
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